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Oxford fabric Category Profile

1, the set of grid Oxford: dedicated towards the production of several kinds of bags

 The latitude and longitude lines are used polyester fabric FDY150D / 36F. The plain weave fabric in water jet loom woven, warp and weft density of 360X210, immediately after the fabric by way of relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static coating and also other treatment, with light texture, soft, waterproof, durability along with other benefits.

 2, Nylon Oxford fabric: The main production of rain flood supplies

 The use of 200D nylon fabric warp yarn becomes empty, parallel with 160D nylon yarn as raw components come to be empty. Division of plain weave structure, item woven by water. Immediately after dyeing fabric coating procedure, includes a soft, drape robust, innovative style, waterproof overall performance, and so on., shiny nylon yarn cloth mask senses effects. Its top quality, color novel, loved by the users. The fabric width is 150cm, it really is understood, the fabric to fade, deformation along with other positive aspects primarily based available. Listing has dark blue color, light black, tiger yellow, dark green along with other different sorts and quantities of selected consumer demand dyed many colors.

3, whole shells Oxford fabric: The key production of bags

 The warp and weft yarns are utilized polyester fabric DTY300D wire, make use of the rough spots organizational transform via the air on a water faucet woven loom. Following scouring the fabric relaxation, book sort, base reduction, soft shape, the unfavorable and after that the rubber and polyester fabric layers. Its fine textured, glossy soft, waterproof, this item is made Dress Ladies bags are trendy pet pursuit. The fabric width 150cm

 4, Teague Oxford fabric: The main production of all sorts of luggage

 The fabric with polyester warp DTY400D network and weft yarns with polyester yarn DTY 400D. Teague organization makes use of texture on water (with faucet) loom woven. Fabric design and style, special technologies, optimistic Plaid highlights, stereoscopic, becoming the most prominent a part of the fabric, though also working with the back coating (PU) technology, producing it way more waterproof, drape far better and is generating all sorts of fashion bags very good material. Fabric width is 160cm. Listed colors are black, dark blue, coffee and so on a variety of series.

 5, the weft Oxford fabric: The key production of all types of luggage

 The fabric with polyester warp FDY68D / 24F, weft yarn using FDY150D / 36F as raw material, weaving course of action using zonal jet weaving strips mention (with dobby) interwoven. Striped cloth clear, collection of contemporary, artistic, drape in a single. Following dyeing fabric, embossing or rolling, having a robust vertical sensual, waterproof and beneficial. Fabric width is 160cm.

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