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Polyester oxford

Polyester is one of the important species of synthetic fiber, it is the trade name of our country's polyester fiber. Oxford is a change plain or organizational, it can be used to various textile fibers weaving. Depending on the width of the fiber and the price range from a few dollars to more than ten dollars there. Oxford named after Oxford University, early school student uniforms for traditional combed cotton fabric fabrics.

Polyester oxford cloth fabric (cloth): The main production of flood rainproof supplies, warp the fabric with 200D nylon silk, weft 160D nylon silk as raw material. Department of plain weave structure, products formed by the water jet weaving. Grey fabric after dyeing and finishing, coating treatment, with a soft, drape strong, style novel, waterproof performance and other advantages, cloth mask nylon silk luster sensory effect. Because of its excellent quality, innovative designs, loved by the users. The fabric width is 150cm, it is understood that the fabric color, no deformation and other advantages based on the market.

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