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Vietnam has managed to reduce the former vice material from import dependency on China textile indus

Oxfordfabric TPE coated

 Vietnam textile association (Vitas) recently sent a letter to its members the manufacturer required to provide 2013-2014, since the former deputy of China's purchasing materials (including: cotton, fiber, yarn, cloth, wire, cotton lining, tex-mex, buttons, zippers, etc.) of the imported materials. (Vitas), vice President of the Vietnam textile association, said the company to provide the information can take Vitas imports from China and the former vice material type and quantity of the textile industry, the information as supply resources to establish the domestic development of investment plans, and looking for a new supply market instead of the Chinese market, to reduce dependence on China's market. Vitas suggest potential member enterprises to actively seek outside China supply market such as Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and India, and traded. Vietnam textile industry in 2013 former vice material imports account for about $13 billion, including $6 billion of imports from China. This five months (2014) years ago Vietnam cotton, fiber, yarn, cloth and all kinds of vice material about $5.7 billion, total imports of imports from China accounts for 50%.

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