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Armani Labeled Fabric Bag is Artificial Leather Consumer Claims 80,000

Oxfordfabric TPE coated

 In September, 2012, Mr. Zhang bought 14 bags labeled "fabric" in ARMANI JEANS counters of Xinguang Department, while identifying of artificial leather after going home. Therefore, Mr. Zhang took Hualian Department (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to court and claimed more than 8 yuan economic losses.

This morning, the case was held in Chaoyang court. Mr. Zhang’s agent took two bags to scene, one is a bright skin, and another is similar to skin texture. “Bags labeled `fabric' was professionally identified as artificial leather, inconsistent with the labels. 14 bags spent a total of nearly 30,000 yuan, so we request three times compensation in accordance with the original." In this regard, the defendant Xinguang Department argued, artificial leather base is the "fabric" which is the production of synthetic plastic material on the basis of fabric, so they did not agree with Mr. Zhang's claim.
According to the reply case number in the Bureau of Industry and Commerce website, in January, 2013, Chaoyang District thought Giorgio Armani (Shanghai) Trading Company, ARMANI JEANS brand dealer, violated the "Regulations of the people's Republic of China Product Quality Law" in article thirty-ninth, and made a fine of 9600 yuan on it. According to Article thirty-ninth, sellers shall not doping, adulterated products, fake, shoddy. This case was not convicted.

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