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The good measure to Stay Warm in Your Sleeping Bag.

 It can get pretty cold when sleeping under the stars. These simple tricks will help you snooze the night away.

Place a quality sleeping mat under your sleeping bag to insulate you from the cold earth.
Find a flat place to sleep so you won't roll off your sleeping mat during the night.
Wear lightweight long underwear and socks to bed on cold nights.
Cinch the top of your sleeping bag around your face.
Put on a hat if you get cold during the night.
Zip your feet inside a fleece jacket and shove them to the bottom of your sleeping bag.
Add an extra layer of long underwear or fleece clothing if you're still cold.
Shove the bottom of your sleeping bag into an empty backpack if your feet are still freezing.
Tips & Warnings
1.Shove some extra clothes into the sleeping bag's stuff sack and zip a fleece jacket around the stuff sack to use as a pillow.
2.Buy a sleeping bag that is rated 10 degrees colder than the temperature in which you'll be camping. You can always ventilate a 
warm bag by unzipping it a little.
3.Down sleeping bags are typically warmer, and lighter, than syntheic fiber sleeping bags.
4.If you are travelling in extreme conditions, take the necessary precautions. Research the weather, find out about the area and 
take the right equipment.

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