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  • 1050D Nylon 66 Cordura
  • 1050D Nylon 66 Cordura
  • 1050D Nylon 66 Cordura
  • 1050D Nylon 66 Cordura

1050D Nylon 66 Cordura

  • SPEC: 1050D*1050D
  • Coated: PU
  • Weight: 320GSM
  • Width: 148cm
  • Delivery Time: 15days
  • MOQ: 1000M
  • Yarn: Nylon 66
  • Code: BQN1050-66
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Product Description

Uses the widely recognized CORDURA® fiber, combined with our advanced fabric manufacturing expertise, to weave CORDURA® Ripstop nylon 6.6: 160D, 330D, 500D and 1000D CORDURA fabrics are available in 150g/ m2 -450g/ m2 in different gram weights, including elastic CORDURA® fabric with spandex fiber added.

CORDURA® is a leading technology product. The CORDURA® ripstop fabric is twice as durable as standard nylon, three times as durable as polyester, and 10 times as durable as cotton canvas for the same weight.

We use Martindale method to test the wear resistance of the Cordura fabric, and the wear resistance exceeds 1 million turns! Ordinary fabrics only have a life of 100,000 revolutions. This means that the lighter CORDURA® provides the same durability as the heavier standard nylon, polyester or cotton canvas.

In fact, CORDURA® has been adopted by more and more national militaries, proving that its tear resistance and comfort are not comparable to ordinary fabrics. Not only is the fabric waterproof, the fabric has excellent air permeability and wear resistance, and it has the characteristics of light, quick drying, soft, durable and other functional fabrics.

CORDURA® fabrics are also used in a wide range of outdoor gear and industrial applications, such as backpacks, hiking shoes, outdoor clothing and work wear. Its wear and tear resistance enables the equipment to be tested in harsh external environments, maintaining reliable performance and durability.

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